7:49 AM

{ Day 21 - 2010 }

Posted by Jenna

I think she's had ENOUGH of mama and the camera, wouldn't you say?! Well, tis probably good since today is the last day of 'her' week....until I start going random *lol* Ok, bye bye shweetums, until camera and an unexpected moment rears its opportunity, mmm hmmm, I'll getchya!

9:17 PM

{ Day 20 - 2010 }

Posted by Jenna

All this picture-taking must've made some folks tired....hmmmm  I'm sure my dh would love knowing I posted this on the blog, mwuhahahahahaha! 

10:32 AM

{ Day 19 - 2010 }

Posted by Jenna

 I'm shocked, to say the least, that my dd is allowing me these candid shots of her. Of course, here she woke up with crazy hair, but she doesn't care, no sireee! Whatta ham, no?! *lol*

11:28 AM

{ Day 18 - 2010 }

Posted by Jenna

We built this make-shift "fort" that my dd could hide under and use her flashlight and when asked if I could take a photo of her, this is what she allowed me... PEEK-A-BOO!

10:00 PM

{ Day 17 - 2010 }

Posted by Jenna

"self-explanatory" heehee....my daughter's small spongebob toy, whom WE both adore! *lol*

10:20 AM

{ Day 16 - 2010 }

Posted by Jenna

This is what we were welcomed to once we got home from working out at the gym. A tad early for St. Patty's Day eh? Not for her! ;)

2:32 PM

{ Day 15 - 2010 }

Posted by Jenna

A new day, a new week and this week's theme is all about...uh huh you guessed it! Lil' miss "A". It was her or else, so let's get up-close-n-personal and yep, that includes all the noise you see (yigh!) and the chin that sports all those nummy crumbs!